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Our Products

Appointment Booking System

The Appointment Booking System is a platform that enables customers to make appointments and process payments online at their convenience. In addition, it is also able to act as a communication tool to facilitate conversations and feedback from both parties. Some of the core modules include appointment scheduling, notifications, online payment and communication and feedback.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is targeted towards businesses to businesses (B2B) . Its unique features include a leads generator that utilises google’s extensive search database, a customisable sales pipeline and easy management of contacts. Core modules include an appointment overview system, deals assignment, team management, metrics and leads generation.

Our Services

F&B Consulting

We provide a suite of services catered to the F&B industry. Our range of services include the following.
  • Business Consultation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Food Packaging & Design
  • POS
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing Advice


Overseas Market Expansion

W Group has been actively sourcing opportunities and organising trade fairs for local SMEs to branch overseas. It is important that Singaporean SMEs take the first step out towards globalisation. We have tie-ups with ASEAN countries such as Myanmar to bring local SME owners over for exchange and business trade fairs.


Recruitment and Placement is a very demanding and tedious process. Employers will need to advertise their job vacancies through avenues which include printed media, online recruitment, schools, social networking sites and expos. These advertisements are expensive and employers may have to repeat the same advertisement for 2 or more times, or advertise in more than 1 medium before the correct applicants appear. Today, many employers are outsourcing this recruitment work to an external party, which is also more cost effective.

Project Management Excellence

Project Management is a key skill for managers and leaders in the modern business world. The ability to set clear objectives, create a realistic plan, and work together with your team to see the plan through to successful completion will set you apart from others, and help you to successfully manage company projects to stay competitive.

Our Value Proposition

Why Us

With roots dating back to 2013, IW Group Pte Ltd has flourished and evolved to meet the critical challenges of today’s every changing landscape.

IW Group is a one stop business solutions consultancy for SMEs in Singapore. We provide customised business solutions to aid SMEs, namely streamlining business processes, improving productivity, encouraging innovation, reduction of costs and introducing new technologies.

We work hand in hand with our partners, capitalising on our wide networks, to provide optimum customer service experience with Singapore’s top professionals. Till date, we have amassed over 300 clients from SMEs and have pledged to continue to serve even more in the near future. IW Group promises to do our best to serve our clients sincerely and effectively.