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Our consultant will sit down with you to explain what is the latest PDPA regulations,how it applies to your company and how you can achieve compliance easily. These are the topics being covered:

  • What is the PDPA?

  • Why Protect Personal Data?

  • How does it apply to your company?

  • The 9 Obligations

  • Question & Answer

After covering the above topics, we will be sharing with you the various solutions that you can employ.


Our consultants will visit your premises to assist your DPO to do an on-site gap analysis which will help shape your company’s privacy policies and data protection processes.

What you will get out of the on-site analysis:

  • A Data Inventory Map which will serve as your organisation’s record of its own dataflow
  • A Process Chart which enable you to understand how your organisation deals with the PDPA obligations
  • Customized internal and external data protection policies/documentation

This analysis will lay the groundworks and make sure your DPO has the necessary information to achieve PDPA compliance for your company. To enquire about our on-site analysis service, click on the “Contact Us” button below now:


We will provide your designated DPO/DPOs (“Data Protection Officer/s”) with all the necessary understanding of the PDPA and its obligations through our training, packed with a comprehensive overview of the PDPA as well as practical tips designed to help your DPOs quickly come up to speed.

Training objectives:

  • Your DPOs will be educated about the PDPA and the obligations imposed on your organisation
  • Your employees /staff will be aware of how to handle personal data in accordance with the PDPA
  • A basic but thorough understanding of how to be compliant with the PDPA

This training will make sure your DPO(s) or staffs has the necessary information to comply with the PDPA.


The easiest and most efficient way is to outsource the DPO function to us. We will provide a quote depending on the scale of your organisation and requirements.

The DPO functions that we will handle for you are as below:

  • Ensure compliance of PDPA when developing and implementing policies and processes for handling personal data
  • Foster a data protection culture among employees and communicate personal data protection policies to stakeholders
  • Manage personal data protection related queries and complaints
  • Alert management to any risks that might arise with regard to personal data

  • Liaise with the PDPC on data protection matters, if necessary

Please note that an organisation must have completed our PDPA compliance package or have passed our PDPA compliance due diligence before we will consider offering our outsourced DPO service.

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With roots dating back to 2013, IW Group Pte Ltd has flourished and evolved to meet the critical challenges of today’s every changing landscape.

IW Group is a one stop business solutions consultancy for SMEs in Singapore. We provide customised business solutions to aid SMEs, namely streamlining business processes, improving productivity, encouraging innovation, reduction of costs and introducing new technologies.

We work hand in hand with our partners, capitalising on our wide networks, to provide optimum customer service experience with Singapore’s top professionals. Till date, we have amassed over 300 clients from SMEs and have pledged to continue to serve even more in the near future. IW Group promises to do our best to serve our clients sincerely and effectively.