Our Company

With roots dating back to 2013, IW Group Pte Ltd has flourished and evolved to meet the critical challenges of today’s every changing landscape.

IW Group is a one stop business solutions consultancy for SMEs in Singapore. We provide customised business solutions to aid SMEs, namely streamlining business processes, improving productivity, encouraging innovation, reduction of costs and introducing new technologies.

We work hand in hand with our partners, capitalising on our wide networks, to provide optimum customer service experience with Singapore’s top professionals. Till date, we have amassed over 300 clients from SMEs and have pledged to continue to serve even more in the near future. IW Group promises to do our best to serve our clients sincerely and effectively.

Effective and Efficient
Focused and Specialised
Hardworking and Dedicated
Confident and Resolute
Responsive and Active
Justified and Appreciative