An Updated View of the latest PDPA Requirement

  1. The data protection provisions
  2. The Do Not Call registry provisions

Scope of significant terms under the PDPA such as but not limited to ‘personal data’, ‘individuals’, ‘organizations’, ‘data intermediaries’, ‘processing’, ‘collection’, ‘use and disclosure’, ‘reasonable’ and exclusions thereto.

The scope of the 9 Obligations under the data protection provisions of the PDPA and exceptions thereto

  1. The Consent Obligation
  2. The Purpose Limitation Obligation
  3. The Notification Obligation
  4. The Access and Correction Obligation
  5. The Accuracy Obligation
  6. The Protection Obligation
  7. The Retention Limitation Obligation
  8. The Transfer Limitation Obligation
  9. The Openness Obligation

Data Protection Officer – Dos and Don’t

  1. Your personal and organizational responsibilities
  2. Appointment and Role
  3. Responsibility to ensure compliance with the PDPA
  4. Understanding the criminal and civil sanctions for breaches of the PDPA
  5. Case Studies involving breaches and alleged breaches of the PDPA


  1. What this means
  2. When this is appropriate to be implemented

Applicability of the PDPA to different situations

  1. Employment
  2. Photography, recordings and CCTV
  3. Online matters
  4. Personal identification documentation such as NRIC

Developed an Effective System in place to ensure compliance with the PDPA

  1. Awareness of the PDPA among management and employees
  2. Internalizing the importance of the PDPA among all members of the organization
  3. Training and updating all members of the organization on the PDPA and updates thereto by conducting A Personal Data Audit
  4. What to do if the organization is not PDPA-compliant

The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

  1. Establishment of the Registry
  2. The registers that are maintained by the Registry
  3. Obligations of organizations relating to the sending of marketing messages
  4. Exceptions to the above obligations

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